When: Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm

Where: Worth Ave, Palm Beach

Hi! So here are some images I compiled as far as location and look.

I figured we would start the shoot on Worth Ave. There are so many cute little nooks and gardens and ally ways to shoot.

Then we can finish on the beach which the soft purple dress would be beautiful to capture her in at sunset.

Close to sunset would be awesome.

Lets start shoot time at around 6:45pm

Please bring:


a third change of clothes for after beach


any sentimental items you might want to photograph her with

Also, please make sure Riley has had a nap and is nice and full.

Quick note: Addison can make or break the shoot.

He can be extremely helpful but once he’s bored and uninterested he can be a huge distraction lol up to you if you want to bring him! We can still make it work.

Hope this His was all good info! Please give me a call if you have any other questions !