Downtown West Palm Beach Family Photo Session - The St. Justes

This would be my second family session with the St. Juste family and I can honestly say, I always have a fun experience shooting with them.

Not only are they warm and open to whatever ideas I have for the photo shoot but they also have such a close connection and bond between each other. Everything just flows. I never have to draw it out of them and that to me is gold.


I took them to Downtown West Palm and we started out in front of the Korean Presbyterian Church on Olive st. The architecture and doors are rustic and beautiful. I have such an admiration for places with history. That wooden burnt orange door always catches my eye whenever I pass it by so I knew next family session I have, I would have to get some shots in front of there.


After Olive st. I wanted to head near the Flagler Museum on Palm Beach Island. They’ve done some updating but those iron gates and tall trees surrounding the museum are gorgeous and perfect for shoots.

Of course this family was down for whatever I chose to do which makes everything flow smoothly.


and also the chemistry between these two! Makes my heart swoon!


Our shoot ended behind the Flagler Museum right on the water. There’s a beautiful backdrop of downtown West Palm Beach across the water and the sun was setting. This part was my absolute favorite!