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Welcome to my humble abode within the web. My name is Christina and for the last 10 years I have photographed people and places throughout South Florida. 
It’s been my absolute joy.  

When I’m not shooting I’m spending time with my little family. We love taking walks downtown or hiking at our local state park. Photography has given me the flexibility to raise my children at home and for that I am forever grateful. 

I’m a big coffee lover but for the kind I can make at home. I have a special way of making it and that involves butter. I hope that doesn’t make me a coffee snob. 

I'm inspired by 90's films, Florida landscapes, classical music, the scriptures and my children. Life is beautiful and so are the people that have been sent my way.  

If you feel we're a good match, reach out and fill out my contact form. Tell me all about your vision for the day. How do you want to look at these photos 20 years from now? What do you want to remember from this season of your life? 

A little about me


I'm Christina

South Florida family and wedding photographer

Throughout the years I’ve learned that time is fleeting, beauty is fleeting, vanity of vanities and so my job is to capture, bottle it and all the while, serve you in the process.

My job is to prompt you to relax, forget the camera, have fun and then have you melt into each other.
I’m here to help create and capture the emotion and the feel of the moment.

"Snuggles with the kids, a knowing glance, lips parted ready for a kiss, mid-laughter, it’s the in-between moments I live to photograph."





Behind the Lens

Working with families and soon-to-be-married couples are my passion. I know what it’s like to be engaged and over-the-moon, in the thick of planning a wedding and I know what it’s like to be a newly-wed, transitioning into a brand new season of life. I also know what it’s like to have children, lose them and be able to conceive again, all with tears of joy. - so I say all that to say, I’m invested. This past July we had a baby girl alongside our 3 year old so life feels very full right now. Full in the best way.
Raising a family has really put the emphasis on documenting the moments and I've found that capturing families and weddings are moments you'll look back on for generations to come.
You can follow more of my creative process and behind-the-scenes on instagram. 

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Behind the lens

What inspires me 

My favorite films

What Inspires me?

There are so many things throughout my life that brings inspiration to my work. As of lately I've been in love with the Old Testament, reading the stories of the Patriarchs. Abraham & Sarah being called out into the unknown, Jacob 'the deceiver', wrestling with God and receiving the name 'Israel'. Joseph going from pit to palace and seeing his brothers for the first time since being sold into slavery.
The scriptures are rich with story and it provokes my imagination. 

Classical music, movie soundtracks and the joy of worship.
My children are also a big inspiration for me. I love their innocence and how they take new experiences on. Their ability to see things with fresh eyes.




Favorite Films

Growing up, I was introduced to HBO and then came all the cinematic, emotive 90s films like Forrest Gump, Little Women and the English Patient. I was drawn to the emotion of a scene. Once I learned more about the art of cinematography, I was absolutely hooked and did my best to implement it into my work. It's those moments in time that really make for a beautiful photo. My desire is for all of my galleries to tell you a story rather than just being filled with a hodge podge of photos.  

"My job is to prompt you to relax, forget the camera, have fun and then have you melt into each other."





I’m so surprised with how comfortable we all felt and how effortless the whole process was for us. We just acted our normal selves and Christina captured such beautiful moments in time

The Burgoons

Christina is an artist! All of my photos I received were impeccable. Christina and her husband work effortlessly together and capture the moments in such a unique way. She never lets me down!

Tiffany Sacconi


She is truly gifted! She did more than I could have asked for in both our engagement and wedding photos. My husband and I had never been professionally photographed before but Christina did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable and getting beautiful and authentic shots.

Graciela Garner


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